Monday, November 04, 2002

How's A Mom Supposed To Work?

My son's school has a vacation day tomorrow -- reasonably since they need the gym for the voting booths. But they had a 1/2 day on October 30 for no good reason and then of course, there's no school on November 11th next week, Veteran's Day -- but I work that day. And then there are teacher's conferences this week on Thursday morning. It's completely nuts. How is anyone supposed to work? The school calendar, based on of all things, the agrarian model of harvesting the crops in the summer is so antiquated and inconvenient for parents who work -- I don't know how people manage.

A new book that's coming out soon might give some help. Check it out. It's written by Linda Mason who founded Bright Horizons, a terrific daycare company I had the good fortune to use when my son was little. They were a lot easier to deal with than the elementary schools.