Friday, November 01, 2002

Helluva Way To Build An Alphabet

I just looked up "impenetrable" in the dictionary. Of course, someone here at work came by and gave me a horrified look to see me using a dictionary. Thanks, guy, yes, I've heard of spell checkers.

Thing is, I like wandering around in the dictionary. I mean, if I just ran a spell checker on "impenetrable" (I thought it started with "in" not "im") I would never have run into "impetigo -- an acute contagious straphylococcal skin disease characterized by vesicles, pustules and yellowish crusts." Now, there's a word!

But there's one thing I still can't deal with after all this time. Say you were building an alphabet and you came up with this perfectly great letter "n" with one hump. Wouldn't you put the two-hump letter "m" AFTER the letter "n" in alphabetical order. I mean, you start with the simple "n" and then you take all that time to hammer on another hump to the thing and anyone can see the "m" should come second. Just like they made the "v" and then they made that handy "double-v" which they decided to call a "double-u" and write like this "w" for some reason. At least they got them in the right order.