Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Getting Naked

I loved to watch my kid in his nakedy happy birthday suit when he was little, around two or three. There was a time there when it was really tough to keep clothes on him. He tore everything off in an instance and then trotted around the house au naturel. He saw no reason for clothes. He'd stretch his pretty body out tall and long, reaching for this or that from a high shelf, tossing his bare bottom up on the couch ready to read a story or plop himself down on the rug to play with a toy.

It was a skin of such luxurious suppleness, he just about convinced you that wearing clothes was completely pointless. With a strong, flexible body like that, and such perfect skin, why would you need to put anything on it. Sometimes we actually managed to get one white cotton tee shirt on him, his round belly peaking out from below, his proud bottom sticking out royally from behind, his legs pink and fleshy and determined toddling him in every direction. We could not catch him to diaper him.