Friday, November 08, 2002

Exercise -- Self-Steam

Exercise is about taking care of yourself -- the basic bedrock of self-esteem. I hate the dreaded term self-esteem, but the psychologists have a point. When you take care of yourself and workout and look good, it's a lot easier to do everything with confidence.

See all those pretty clothes in fashion magazines -- what really looks good is the people with great bodies wearing them.

Next time you're at a conference or at work -- notice who is in charge -- it's not always the case, but there is definately a correlation with attractive, fit people running things and having higher status. Do I think it's fair, no -- it's discriminatory, but it's life.

There's not one thing you do all day that wouldn't go better if you were in good shape. You choose, walk down to the corner to get a newspaper, easier fit or fat? Walk into a meeting with 20 other people there around the conference room table, more fun to arrive looking good or not? Lunch with clients -- rather be the healthy fit person, or the person who's clothes barely fit? You're invited to a party -- isn't it great to be lean and just throw on anything, instead of doing the mirror parade with everything you put on looking terrible and you finally deciding NOT to go. Someone asks you to dance, wouldn't you rather shake a good-looking booty?

I'm not saying brains, wit, charm, and all the rest don't matter. They do. But, hello, wake up, we live in an increasingly visual society and how you look matters. And with exercise you can look and feel a lot better. It's worth all the effort.