Friday, July 19, 2002

Small Stairs Loosely Joined

David Weinberger's reading last night at Brookline Booksmith was PUNCUATED by my really noisy arrival -- sorry man -- but I didn't expect those stairs to be so loud, metallic and right next to the place you were reading. I guess my high-heeled sandals on those metal treads sounded more like La Femme Nikita's machine gun fire than the quiet tread of a bookworm. I thought I was late and I did NOT want to miss one word of Small Pieces Loosely Joined.

Your reading was great and I liked the discussion of AI and fat v. thin knowledge was very interesting and especially how you described the way blogs may fit into this paradigm. They are much fatter than simple data ... full of emotion and passion and opinion, and enquiring minds want to know!