Sunday, July 28, 2002

Red Licorice

I'm going in the kitchen to eat junk and candy. I'm eyeing that red licorice. We've got ice cream too ... I spent so much time swimming today, i could eat ... ut oh, just thought of a favorite thing of mine and I could eat THREE of them -- Black & White Ice Cream Soda (Black = Club Soda w/Chocolate syrup) (White = Vanilla Ice Cream). I hate milk shakes but really get off on ice cream sodas.

All about texture. I hate uniform texture in food. I like something slippery with something crunchy with something sticky with something bubbly -- none of these all-one-texture-foods for me please. Maybe I could mix ice cream and M&M's and crumbled up graham crackers and red licorice ... hmm, I'll have to try that. Oh, shit, now I'm thinking of chocolate covered cherries -- the crunchy shell of the chocolate, the runny inside of the cherries. Ahhhh!