Monday, July 22, 2002

Le Roman Telephonique

Yes, truth be told, Rageboy has created a new medium. The "Telephonic Novel" is a new service on Sprint Voicemail. You sign up for a mere $9.95/month and check your messages periodically to hear a real live EGR-like narrative in the author's own voice. Yes, be the first on your block to get Rageboy's amazing narrative delivered directly to your phone, in truly hilarious, sidesplitting stereo. For instance, you can chill out while listening to him recount the story of his Rochester neighborhood drug dealer who was snowed in, as 6 feet of snow completely blocked the poor guy's basement apartment stairs and door . Rageboy and two other clients were walking by wondering if the guy had gone away for the weekend, then suddenly realized he was probably trapped in his underground lair. They had to dig him out before he died an oxygen-deprived but rather romantic Dr. Zhivago-like ice cottage at Varenkino death.

For $12.95/month, you can get complete audio with vocal selections. You can stand on a street corner, listening to your cell phone voicemail, making a pensive and thoughtful ecommerce-y face, pretending you're talking with some CEO about something of dire importance, as Rageboy sings selections from Rubber Soul to you in the privacy of your own earpiece. Get it today!