Sunday, July 28, 2002

Church Thing

Church started empty but weirdly, was a bit like a Macy's bargain day, with many spiritual shoppers streaming in the door throughout the service and ended rather full, call it bulging at the seams. An unusual slow, but relentless mounting of attendance to be sure.

Simply getting to church takes a bit of work to get faces washed, shirts tucked in, kids out the door and then when you finally get there ... you sit with the other people and you hear the music and you say the words and you start to think of your week and if your heart was kind enough or if you could have done more and then you remember why you are there. And you're so glad you bothered.

Especially nice is to send quiet prayers down the pew, across the aisle, out the door, around town, off to the state capital, out to Logan and get them winging far and wide. Did you feel it this morning, guys? Did you feel me praying for you? Like little carrier pigeons headed your way.