Sunday, July 21, 2002

Burning Bird Please Don't Go

At church, did you know, I'm praying for you? Shelley's super cool ultra smart excellento blog, BURNINGBIRD, is going dark and I am so seriously bummed out about that. I'm singing hymns and thinking of you Shelley. I like the sermon a lot -- my minister Judy's talking about God putting a comma in your sentence, not a period. There I go -- I got the words all wrong. And this is no theological text -- ironically, it's a quote from Gracie Allen, the comedienne extraordinaire -- I'll go look it up.

“Never put a period where God has put a comma.”

Anyway, we need all the excellent women bloggers we can get and we really need you Shelley. I'm at the gym now and I'm supposed to go swimming -- my goggles and bathing suit are looking up at me questioningly -- why are you at the computer in the lobby of the health club, why no splashing, they ask. Because Shelly's going dark and I don't want her to. There must be something I can say ... and I feel like a total jerk that I didn't tell her before how great her blog is and I also didn't tell her how brave she is and how courageous it is the way she's talking about divorce and I'm personally sucking up every word and she's my secret hero because ... okay, here goes, I haven't blogged about this because I'm a big coward, not a braveheart like you girlfriend, ... I'm getting divorced and I am a complete wreck and SHELLEY, please don't go dark! Make it a comma,