Friday, July 26, 2002

Burning Bird Burning The Midnight Oil

Shelley's back online with a really good post about webloging and unwebloging. Just talked to her on the phone too. As I talk to more and more bloggers across this big old country, I feel like I'm putting together a puzzle of the United States -- one of those kid's ones with each state painted brightly and easy to grab -- 1/4 inch thick wooden jigsaw cut edges which you place in a tray to get the lay of the land.

The big cantaloupe slice of California was slipped in place this week when I left a message for Doc as he drove from Santa Barbara to San Diego. I put Colorado into the four corners Northeast quadrant a while back when I got chatting with Chris Locke. Things are peachy in the Peachtree State connecting with Jeneane, Jenna and now George. Illinois, shaped like a cluster of grapes, is in place with AKMA rarely home but often zipping off to lots of other states on a regular basis. And Shelley ... yikes, I just realized ... I have no idea where you are ... is it Missouri? Wherever ... meanwhile, don't miss her post.