Saturday, July 27, 2002

And Another Thing

Blogs of a Summer Night ... just miss this little screen a lot after not blogging much regularly... thinking of Autumn and fall leaves which will be here sooner than we expect ... a serious enterprise in Boston, a leaf-peeping mecca. After so long in Los Angeles, the seasons here are so dramatic to me, even a cool breeze tonight gets me all in a lather to realize they're about to change the scene again. Yank the summer beachball backdrop and roll in the back-to-school yellow pencils, the scrapy noise of leaf rakers, the harvest of pumpkins, knee socked girls in wool kilts in Dress Campbell.

This is a serious September state -- kids back to school at Harvard, MIT and all the other fine schools ... those rowboats on the Charles, the river bluer than the bluest eye of any sweaty sweatered coxswain hunk boy you might spot as you linger in Memorial Drive morning traffic ... apple picking farms out past 495 ... Beacon Hill bricky wet in a good autumn rain shower, you can almost hear the carriage wheels and horse hoofs in Louisburg Square of a few centuries ago. This is a fine town for falling into Fall.