Saturday, June 01, 2002

Alright Already!

Yikes! Thanks for all the email! This going dark until September has rattled many cages. Everyone's asking me to come back to Blogsville in the kindest ways. Here's my revised plan.

At Halley's Comment this summer, I'll post "Greatest Hits" of my stuff from the archives that I want to repost. At Blogsisters, I'll post new stuff on an occasional basis.

Blogsisters, think of it as really juicy femail. Even better than email. I need to get down with my girl tribe and there's no better place to do that than Blogsisters. I posted there tonight. I just read a great piece over there by Jennifer Balderama, bloggeuse extraordinaire, on sex and pix, which links to a post on her site about how you just can't see enough men's penises in movies these days. True, true. Maybe we could go back and restore all the old films by cutting and pasting in the male member in critical places. Frankly, Rhett, I DO give a damn.

And can I take my hat off to Jeneane Sessum the mega-energetic creator of Blogsisters and her extra-great sidekick, Elaine of Kalilily fame. Jeneane, you are my super baller woman, go girl! Elaine, you share the blood and guts female wisdom of all ages, but I must ask "Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?" (I think good.)

At Blogsisters, we're busy as heck. We women are reinventing how people will talk to one another in a brand new world — ALL people, men and women, old and young — and it's definately the coolest place to hang this hot summer.