Tuesday, May 28, 2002

U of Blogaria Faculty AField

I can see the faculty of the University of Blogaria was definately making the most of the Memorial Day Weekend. AKMA is talking about forgiveness, me too below at Err=Human, Forgive=Divine.

The Professor of Hyperlinked Studies, Dr. Weinberger seems none too interested in hyperlinking with Mother Nature. Doctor, please watch out for all that dangerous pointy gravel. But don't miss all the rainbows, see below.

The Clued Professor of Micro-Journalism and Women's Studies, Jeneane Sessum, is doing wonderful blogging on love, life, vulnerability and excellent recall of her esteemed colleague, Ms. Helene Cixous.

And Herr Doktor Locke's field studies continue in the field of Priapic Ideation. He's boning up on the vagina ... so to speak and visiting train stations, or was that train tunnels?