Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Love Letters In The Sand

Get me a ticket

on an air-o-plane

ain't got time to take a fast train

lonely days are gone

I'ma goin' home

My baby she wrote me a LETTER.

Big spring cleaning and heave-ho here today and I'm really digging deep. I found a folder of all my letters from the 80's and there are some wonderful ones.

Most marriages are simply the mating of a "thrower-outer" and a pack-rat. I'm the tosser, my husband's the keeper. But for once, I'm so glad I kept this bunch of letters. Torrid love letters from guys I don't remember (sorry!) Equally torrid ones from guys I'll always remember. Funny serious letters from my bratty baby sister with big advice about life and the world (of which she knew ... not much at that time.) Deftly worded rejection letters of my early poems, stories, ideas for articles (thanks all polite editors, most of the stuff wasn't very good.) But best of all, letters from my mom and dad, both gone now. What a treat!

I'm sitting in my office with a hundred boxes around me, all demanding my attention, but I'm trotting down memory lane, reading letters from my parents. Good day.