Sunday, May 26, 2002

Err=Human, Forgive=Divine

The Cape Cod trip seems to have dislodged some old memories — they come crashing down, a bit like watching the polar caps give way, whoosh! My tears come too.

I'm thinking of my dad — a very young one, with my mom and oldest sis and bro, who would have been very young then too, in home movies and pix on various sandy beaches on big happy family vacations, which weren't happy, I know, in Virginia Beach and Cape Cod. They are smiling prisoners of Hallmark cards, trim and fit, handsome and pretty.

And at that young time in his life, early 20's, I marvel that he had responsibilties for a wife and two children and did his best to take care of them. But he was so NOT THERE so much of the time for all of us, both a simple fact of 1950's fatherhood and other extenuating circumstances.

And I ponder and hold tight to something wonderful in the world — that there may be just enough forgiveness for all of us — enough to go around the big family dinner table once and maybe even twice.