Tuesday, May 21, 2002

David, What About Lunch?

David Weinberger's doing the most terrific blogging from Connectivity 2002 and while it seems he hasn't left a thing out, I have to mention, sitting with him, David Isenberg (www.isen.com), Joe Plotkin (www.bway.net), and me (halleyscomment) at lunch was the best — especially when Dan Bricklin (www.bricklin.com) came over and we started discussing what David Reed (www.reed.com) had said about the end-to-end argument.. David Reed really was worth the price of the whole conference. More on this soon.

Joe asked me what I did. I said, "I blog." He asked me what my blog was like. Hard to answer, so I asked David Weinberger who was sitting next to us to describe it, DW says, "All Halley All The Time."