Monday, May 06, 2002

But David, Content Is King!

David Weinberger is fed up with content. Seems to me, the big problem with the word "content" is that the terminology is mostly used by those who are NOT creating the "content" but rather the merchandisers of said "content" The word has a serious p.o.v. problem.

I don't call what I write "content." I call it my writing. I don't call the child I gave birth to a "consumer" or a "citizen" or a "voter." I call him my son.

It's only when someone wants to make money off my creative efforts that they call my work "content" Only a person who wants to manage, manipulate, steal or sell my words calls it "content."

Content is a pimp's word. People who use the word "content' make my words into whores. The word instantly separates the person who creates from the person who profits by the creation. It goes against everything David is talking about in a smart, new book called Small Pieces Loosely Joined.

I don't know a thing about this company, but listen to how they talk about "content."

"We develop meaningful, rich, fresh content, that engages audiences in purposeful interactions with your brand."

Oh, yeah, right. I'm afeared David will go rushing for his sphygomanometer when he reads that. Maybe he'll like this better..

Halley's Comment: "I develop meaningful, rich, fresh content for no good goddamned reason other than to entertain myself and anyone else who saunters by."