Tuesday, May 07, 2002

The Bad News about Big J Journalism

I know we've done this one almost to death, but whatever you say about Journalism, the stuff we're being served up these days in legit newspapers, news programs, news magazines is so incredible DEPRESSING, you gotta love blogs just for the slightly sunny atmosphere they create.

I don't think this is a small thing. Wanna talk content? Honestly, since 9.11.01, most of the big J Journalism "content" has been nothing short of terrifying.

People have told me they come to my blog for a BREAK from all the bad news. Objectivity, subjectivity, elite white East Coast establishment, Hippie Left Coast anti-establishment, warbloggers, gay conservative Catholic commentators — whatever the argument for or against blogs and journalism, at least blogs let you believe people are still living their lives, going about their business, raising their children and somehow managing. That alone is heartening.

Think about Doc's blog. I go there to witness a thinking man living his life, reflecting on it, being human with all that means — joys, jokes, flaws, wonders, concerns — and of course, to watch his young son fall asleep in his lap in the rocking chair on the roof as they gaze at the stars.