Saturday, February 09, 2002

Where Were You?

For some reason today I was thinking about that video of Osama Bin Laden and his buddies talking about where they were when they heard about the WTC attack and collapse. It's something hard to get out of your head, because whatever you think of them, they were doing the very same thing that we were all doing ... asking our friends the "where were you when you heard?" question.

Of course, there was that moment where you felt they were just LIKE US, sitting around after dinner asking one another about that, but that moment of connection was instantly obliterated when you heard them gloating about how many people they exterminated. Sick, sick, sick.

I was also thinking about God. I'm sitting around the table asking my friends where were they and I can't help wanting to ask God ... where were you? What the hell were you thinking, man? Maybe you were trying to get our attention. And maybe it was the severe shaking we needed to look evil in the face and do something about it.