Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Try 20 degrees F or -6 degrees C in Boston

And that's before the wind chill factor! But Erik Hansen and I braved the cold and grabbed the T down to Park Street Station to see the Patriots parading by in their duck boats. It was wonderfully UNDERproduced, that is, just the team, the owner, a few local big shots and 20 duck boats. It was so simple and plain, you wondered if the city figured they'd never win and hadn't planned a big event. The crowd was so excited — and a certain amount of jumping up and down was required in that cold — truly bone chilling.

Across Tremont Street from where we were standing, a bunch of construction workers were perched up on a scaffolding and one guy in his hard hat, brown overalls, long johns was leading us in "Give me a P" (he pointed his rounded outstretched arms towards his belly to make a P),"Give me an A" (arms in an A-frame shape overhead), "Give me a T" (arms straight out), "Give me an S" (the "S" looked like a kid practicing a dive sideways, arms hooked in front, one leg bent at the knee to the back), "What does it spell — PATS!" and 1.25 million crazy happy Bostonians were there to spell along.

We thawed out at McCormick and Schmicks on Columbus Ave, checking for signs of frostbite. The fish was fresh. The calamari was hot and spicy. Thanks for lunch Erik. You are NUMBER ONE!