Monday, February 04, 2002

This Been Happening To You?

Lately, when I get on my computer in the am, instead of checking my email first off, I find myself checking certain friends' and acquaintances' blogs to see how they are doing, what they're up to. In fact, I'll have the feeling I've already checked my email and I'm aware of what's up for the day — when I've actually NOT checked email, but rather done a quick blog scan.

I wonder if I'm making a transition into a new basic way of working/communicating. It reminds me of the transition (circa 1990 - 1993) from using other apps (like MS Word) to do much of my daily "work" to using email to do most of my daily work.

I remember discussing it with a friend at that time when it came to backing up work — what important daily work did I bother to back up, i.e., WHERE did I do my work? We both noticed it used to be in disconnected apps (Word, Excel, etc.) and it was beginning to be all in connected apps, email and internet.

Now I notice email is getting more secondary and blogging primary, but this may also be due to the massive amounts of dreadful spam I get — how many university degrees, credit cards and naked coeds could I possibly need? Is email too thin an information source -- even the personal ones from close friends -- and we need the deeper stories that blogs provide?