Sunday, February 17, 2002

Spiritual Sunday, Sexual Saturday

I have a kindof a joke running with a friend that on Saturdays I try to blog something sexy and on Sundays something sacred. Wish they hadn't glued those days back-to-back, sometimes it's hard to shift gears so fast, but c'est la vie. I suppose that's the best thing about life — all those bittersweet juxtapositions.

In my church, this morning, we said a farewell to 15 people from the congregation who are headed to Honduras to do missionary work in a small village there. They'll be helping out in an orphanage caring for kids, digging ditches, building schools. Our church has sponsored a young Honduran teenage boy here in Boston for 5 months who's been getting multiple operations on his feet and legs — he was completely unable to walk before — and now returns to his village on his own two feet, walking. Miracle enough for me.