Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Go To The Head Of The Class

Interesting stuff going on at Gonzo-Engaged, particularly Tom Matrullo's question about "why and how it is that any view of CLASS INEQUITY remains mostly obliterated on the American radar."

First, I don't get what a partyblog is exactly.

Second, I don't get blogs that have more than one voice — they confuse the heck out of me — friends at SATN.org, are you listening? — they're like email addresses from BOTH husband and wife — I never know who the hell I'm talking to.

Third — Tom, Tom, Tom, everyone knows that the biggest dirty little secret in America is that there is no classism and everyone can grow up to be president (I mean, as long as you're a man ... and white ... and a billionaire ... and you grew up in a town with a zipcode like 06830) and if we went around questioning stuff like that, we would be undermining the fundamental myths of the United States of America. Don't Go There, Man!