Saturday, January 19, 2002

Tomislav's Job Dilemma

I like Tomislav's discussion of whether to take just some job, or try to actually work at something you care about.

It's tough to keep bread and cheese on the table especially in this economy, but if you have to be a dead-hearted walking zombie all day at work to make a LIVING, is it a living?

What if you knew, when you went into your next job interview that in a year or so, you could be sandwiched to death in a skyscraper or french-fried by red hot magma, wouldn't you attempt to earn your daily bread in the most meaningful way possible? Easy to say, hard to do, I know, I know.

There's always one alternative most people forget. Go work for FREE for someone you'd love to work with/for some part of the week and then do some money job the rest of the week.

Also remember this out-and-out LIE that making lots of money, driving the red sports car and showing off a metallic credit card, be it platinum, gold, pewter or tin, will get you laid more often than the next guy. Not so! It's alive people with alive faces and alive bodies that get the action. It's all about staying alive.