Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cyberposium 09 Harvard Business School

Pictures from breakfast in Spangler Hall at Cyberposium 09 at Harvard Business School. I'm sure you recognize the movie star, yes, the fabulous Don Dodge with us. It was fun to catch up and hear what's he's been up to as Noogler.

That female person is Halley Suitt, oh, yeah ... me! And I believe this bright young scholar with us is Jason Gurwin who's doing some very interesting stuff at HBS -- all about the movies, LA and my favorite thing, the Online Media Wars raging in three big infotainment towns: LA (talent), SF (tech) and NYC (advertising/media financing). Can't wait to see who wins the war.

BTW, speaking of shoot outs in the Old West ... who's that cowboy behind us in the hallway. It lends a Marlboro Man feeling I like.