Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I fear we have lost our way with all this corporate overlay of social networking. It feels unnatural, compromising, bought and sold. 9:14 AM yesterday from web

Seesmic people are people I know + some people they know. 9:13 AM yesterday from web

My Twitter friends are people I know, mostly in person first. 9:11 AM yesterday from web

My friends on LINKEDIN, were my actual friends, and folks they would introduce me to - an online network reflecting a real world network. 9:10 AM yesterday from web

@HappyHourBoston, You got it! 9:07 AM yesterday from web in reply to HappyHourBoston

The notion that a network of friendship is for sale is inherently false. Friendship=people you love and do things for w/o expecting reward. 9:06 AM yesterday from web

Phony Weapons of Mass Marketing, Phony Wall Street, Phony Bullshit all coming down around our heads. Change is about and all around us. 9:01 AM yesterday from web

Trick, you know, like whores turn. 8:58 AM yesterday from web

So how the hell did an infrastructure of phony corporate shilling and bullshit get built on a network of real friends and truth; good trick! 8:56 AM yesterday from web

So it was a place, the Net, where we called bullshit BULLSHIT, but then came the companies, the social networking consultants, the koolaid. 8:55 AM yesterday from web

The real excitement of the Net was a place where people were frank, truthful, fact-checking both political and corporate bullshit, right? 8:53 AM yesterday from web

Been thinking about 2002, actual people who were actually friends talking, writing, blogging truthful stuff, when did it all become whoring? 8:52 AM yesterday from web

Social Networking: Friendship For Sale! Something snapped today for me. 8:51 AM yesterday from web