Friday, January 30, 2004

Work/Life Balance Or Bust!

There's a great post over at Misbehaving.Net that my misbehaving co-blogger, Caterina Fake put up the other day. It's about women and work, but I think one of the male commenters really hit the nail on the head. Read this:

As the husband that Alex mentions, I can testify that women are changing the workplace, because if it wasn't for my wife kicking my ass to give me some perspective, I'd still be working 24/7 for my company simply because that's what I'm supposed to do. As men, we are raised to base most of our self-esteem on how productive we are in the workplace, on how much money we can make, on the glory of surmounting impossible obstacles to achieve great things... funny thing is, 6 months later, I don't even remember what I was doing, I just remember that it was all I did. And nobody else remembers either, except my wife remembers that I wasn't there for her. --Dten

For whatever reason, men are finally driving a lot of the change that women have been begging for in the workplace for a long time. I don't think it's that men are being taken more seriously in this work/life balance question, but rather, that once men joined women in questioning the pointless dedication to a job where no loyalty is reciprocated, the combination of ALL workers saying "Hey, wait a minute" has started a powerful cultural movement.