Friday, January 30, 2004

Levitra Proves Disappointing

I was so excited to see all the ads for this new drug called Levitra -- just what I needed. Especially with Super Bowl weekend coming up, I thought, I oughta get some of that stuff -- a drug that really improves your knowledge of football and will let you throw a football straight at a target, like the tire swing they feature in their ads.

They have football coaches endorsing it, the NFL endorsing it, all sorts of good looking older guys who can really throw footballs demonstrating it, I was thrilled to find a quick fix to my limited football skills. Honestly, I suck at football. They make you feel like anything's possible, when they mention on their website "STAY IN THE GAME!" I need that kind of encouragement to really appreciate football.

But it doesn't seem to be helping me at all. It made griping a football a lot more difficult -- seems to have made all my fingers swell up -- I just don't get it. It's harder than ever to toss the pigskin. I want my money back.