Friday, September 20, 2002

Dan The Man

What an evening! To spend the night with Dan is really something, I must say.

It starts by certain parties remarking that I still didn't have my DSL up and running after moving three weeks back and how annoying that is since it's hard to reach out and touch. Yes, true but maybe I have a few million other things to wrangle. Important stuff like, where's the garlic press? And ... why can't I find that big bunch of trash compactor bags and where's my bedside copy of The Cathedral and The Bazaar?

So I finally got a quiet moment ... try 3:05 am and I'm wide awake ... and I get Dan from Verizon on the line and boy does that guy know his router from his ethernet cable. I mean when it comes to this male plug goes into this female port ... well, Dan's your man.

To make a long story short. All I can say is POWER READY LINK and wow, we did it! Dan you rock my DSL world. Big thanks.