Monday, February 04, 2002

He Walked Among Us

Bono from U2 mobbed by the Super Bowl crowd was such a wonderful thing to see. Redefines "security." Also his running/skipping/flying around the stage seemed to say "Listen, America, you taught us all how to be free and anyone who messes with America, messes with me and they better not try."

Strangely since 9.11.01, it's seems like people from OUTSIDE the US are best able to articulate how precious the American notion of freedom is. So many musicians and artists and just plain folks from the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, worldwide are first to step up and celebrate American Freedom. They stand up against 9.11.01 as if personally insulted, personally wronged, personally injured.

Does American Freedom actually belong to us? Or is it our biggest export? At a time of such nationalism, I wonder if we're not actually watching a real global people's world rise out of those ashes.