Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Another Big Day for Big J Journalism

Don't miss the piece in the Boston Globe about Atlantic Monthly's little blunder. After turning away two over-40 year old women for internship positions by explaining in their rejection letters that The Atlantic Monthly is "unable to accept people who are older because our interns work very closely together and it won't work if they are of very different ages or stages in their lives." The magazine said "they regretted the letter Jackson [one of the applicants] received." I'll bet.

Let me think here ... Big J Journalism, oh yeah I remember how it works, you start by working at a "big name" organization as an intern, you put that rag's name on your resume, you're creating a platform for yourself, some other "big name" publication hires you because you worked at big name rag no. 1, and finally one day you actually get a chance to WRITE something at another publication because you can say you work currently at big name rag no. 2 and they notice that you first worked at big name rag no. 1 ... AND YOU THINK BLOGGING ISN'T SUBVERSIVE?