Sunday, November 09, 2008

Snap Out Of It: Yes WE Can!

Since Obama's big win on Tuesday, I keep hearing people talk about all the wonderful things Obama can do for them ... WILL do for them ... and some of the stuff you hear from people in distance countries throughout the world is inspiring, hopeful, praiseworthy, but ... excuse me ... COMPLETELY LOCO!

Honestly, the guy is just a guy. He's not Jesus Christ, he's not a miracle-worker, he's a President-Elect of a country with serious challenges. As the Onion put it so hilariously, helping us all rachet DOWN expectations, "Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job."

But here's the thing -- amazing things can happen, the world can be a better place, the economy can turn around, if WE do it. US. Yes, I mean YOU. Obama's not gonna do it, as he's reminded us more than once -- WE will do it.

So snap out of this Bush Terrorism Trance, where we've been semi-terrified for 8 years to grab our own power, rebuild our own lives, create new jobs and invigorate our own country and world. I won't quote JFK, you know the drill -- it's not what Obama can do for us, it's what WE CAN DO.