Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bostonians In Hats

We had snow today and I noticed all my fellow Bostonians are parading around in their great weird, wooly and wonderful winter hats.

I have a new one, a wool cap with long braided strings on each side of my head, looks rather Brunhilda-ish, plum and purple and pink ski hat stripes. I love it. It matches my plum parka.

I saw a man at Starbucks with one of those caps in red wool, with no brim, just round like you might see a cook wear. I am having trouble describing it. It looks like something from the Urals or the Andes or some mountainous place. Also, it could be the kind of hat a little monkey wears when he dances in the town square for an organ grinder. It's a sexy hat. The guy looked good in it.

Many B caps are out and about as well -- the navy wool baseball cap with the Boston Red Sox B. I don't know how they keep anyone warm.

The Russian Fur Flap hats are much in evidence as well, as we traipse up and down Commonwealth, Beacon, Tremont and Boylston.