Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Me And The Planet Formerly Known As Pluto

Well, you probably noticed I haven't been blogging much lately (understatement) because I have been very busy. In particular, there's been a transistion going on at Top Ten Sources and Stylefeeder I've been wanting to write about ... but honestly, have been too busy to even think about.

It's been quite a wild and fun ride to be CEO of both Top Ten and Stylefeeder, watching them grow like crazy since this past year, but now, just as we had planned, I'm stepping down and we've brought in a new CEO, Ashton Peery, a great and inspiring leader to take over the CEO spot as I move into my newly designed CMO, Chief Marketing Officer, position.

Just like Pluto suddenly finding out he isn't a planet anymore, there is a bit of melancholy to suffer through when leaving the CEO orbit ... but I don't have many tears to shed, since Ashton's terrific and we needed a more seasoned top guy, and we most decidedly needed a CMO and it's a lot easier to be one, than hire one.