Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jenny Lauck: Love Her, Who Wouldn't ?!?

Meeting all the moms who blog was amazing, but even better was having all these delious paragraphs of stuff they've written rattling around in my head and then realizing, "Oh my God, she's the one who wrote about ..." fill in the blank, as you shake the hand of one amazing blogger after another.

All the women in the room were amazing writers, which means their heads are full of amazingly funny stuff, but I had just recently read a bunch of great posts by Jenny Lauck of Three Kid Circus, and then I got to meet her! She had this awesome dusty rose and pomegranate pretty long suit coat on, just loved what she was wearing. And I was remembering this:
Take yesterday, for example. The kids were home sick (sigh) and I was loading the dishwasher. A war broke out in the living room, over the new xylophone. Someone rapped someone else's knuckles with the mallet. There was a scream of indignation, and then a chorus of "Moooooooom! He/She hit me!"

My blood pressure shot up to 9 million, and I seized two of the pot lids that I was washing. Banging them together like cymbals, I tore off into the living room, trailing soap suds and roaring like a lioness. "STOP!" I howled, still clanging the pot lids. I lifted the gleaming metal overhead and made sort of a hoo-hoo-hoo grunting noise, legs in a second-position demi-plie. I must have looked like a rampaging gorilla.

With a final clang of the pot lids, I returned to the kitchen. The kids sat in stunned silence for a good ten minutes. I finished the dishes.