Sunday, September 11, 2005

Stephanopolis: Round Table

Lean, mean, effective government required now. Fareed Zakaria, George Will, Newt Gringrich, talking at a round table about how the government has so failed.

George Will quotes 34% all kids born to single moms, 60% for black children, that FAMILY is the problem.

Fareed Zakaria says we need to talk about the problems now -- they are incompetent and something has to be DONE, there is no EXECUTION.

Stephanopolis -- lowest approval ratings of Bush -- what's the solution -- isn't this a massive change that's required.

Gingrich: "they need everything on the table and they better know what they are doing."

"The country is ready for a govt that works ... UPS and FedEX and ATM's and cell phones WORK, but the government doesn't work." paraphrase.