Monday, September 12, 2005

Some Sexy Feelings

It's odd, I had a chance to hold a baby yesterday and I was thinking about our skin and how beautiful it is. How the baby's skin was so new and so perfect.

And how we all need to be held, hugged, touched, stroked.

Sometimes, I remember in great detail someone else's skin. An old lover. Or my mother. Or my son when he was a baby.

And that electrifying feeling of touching the skin of a new lover for the first time. What an electric network the skin is. Pulsing.

And in warm weather, more skin revealed, more you want to reach for, more you want to touch.

On this map of skin, you can find birth marks, like state capitals clearly marked and little forests of fuzzy hair, here and there. I am thinking of a man's forearm with hair, it beckons. Furry like a bear, I like that. And strong and muscular.

On muscular terrain, the skin stretches over the body tightly, showing off great pecs, great biceps, and the back, a large, well-built, vertebraed mainsail of skin, slightly arched.

I want to ask, "Can I write the alphabet on your back?" but I just want to touch you and write the letters.






That's all.