Sunday, August 14, 2005

A New Economy of Grace

During the summer, our minister takes time to go to different events, retreats, other meetings and some of the lay people in our congregation do the sermons at church on Sunday.

Today, Steve Snyder, a wonderful man who's been part of our church for a while, (at least since before I got there), did a sermon about the old notion of the word "economy" which had little to do with money, and lots to do with the love of God and Jesus supporting us all in a community. More about spirital wealth, less about plain old money. He referred to this book, An Economy of Grace by Kathryn Tanner.

Some visitors commented on how swell his sermon was -- and it was -- but the rest of us who've been there a while and know Steve and his family, know another "backstory" which made the sermon even better. Steve had been very ill with cancer and seems to be so much better. What a blessing!

As he stood here, looking so good, he could have been reciting the phone book for all I cared, since nothing was so loud or inspiring as the wonder of him simply BEING THERE ALIVE AND LIVELY and knowing this was all about God's love of him and his family through such an ordeal.