Monday, August 29, 2005

Car-Free And Carefree Update

I've been trying hard since last Friday when I announced I'd try to get along without my car, to walk, bike, do anything but drive ... and I managed about 3 days of no car.

Today, I just had to get somewhere FAST and there was rain threatening ... so I drove for the first time in what felt like quite a while.

I liked life without my car, but it certainly required a lot of planning and FORGET going somewhere fast on a whim.

I'll write more about my no car days tomorrow. Too tired now to go into it.

Andrew Sullivan's been ranting (bravo!) about gas-guzzling SUV's, which I detest too:
Some kind of move toward greater energy efficiency is essential in the war on terror. But what I didn't realize is how the curse of the SUV is so damaging. Fareed writes that 54 percent of today's U.S. fleet of cars are made up by these ugly, behemoth tanks that guzzle gas, and make life miserable for everyone not in them. My anti-SUV ire always goes up in the summer, when I see these vast, bloated symbols of excess bulldozing down the narrow streets of Provincetown, pushing every bicyclist, pedestrian or small child out of their way. My only solace is thinking of how many of these SUV owners are pouring money away to keep their mobile homes on the road. Pity that same money goes to finance Islamist terror. And please don't give me all this guff about how I don't have a car (hey, I'm not indirectly donating to al Qaeda), having to take kids here, there and everywhere, with all their stuff and the dogs and suburbs and soccer practices and on and on. All of this took place before SUVs; kids were just packed into back seats and trunks were stuffed full if necessary. Parents coped. Kids thrived. If all else failed, people could even have less stuff. Imagine that: less stuff. As readers know, I'd gladly put a dollar of extra tax on gas, insist on higher fuel standards for cars, make SUVs comply with the fuel standards of other cars and put a tax on SUVs on top pf all that. We are in a war. As far as I'm concerned, those people driving SUVs are aiding and abetting the enemy, and helping to finance the terrorists that want to kill us all.