Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Getting Enough

Here's a new Yahoo Health Blog by Deb Levine where she talks about sex and relationships.

She takes on the issue of differences in sexual desire in a couple and how to manage to satisfy all parties. Sometimes one wants a lot more than the other. Check this out:

I've heard of some couples who have quickies once a week and long, romantic sex once a month. Others where one partner makes time for the other to masturbate regularly so there is not as much pressure for partner sex. Some couples literally take the number of times each partner wants to have sex each month, adds them together, and settles on the average. Once you start thinking as a team, all you have to do is dream up the possibilities and act on them.

There's so much behind our sexual desires, I think it's very difficult to be clear about what you want, your own needs, and then be able to articulate those to a partner.

Honestly, sometimes one partner wants more sex with OTHER partners outside the relationship. It's just the way people are. We all want what we can't have. Although you hear the notion of "open marriage" tossed around rather freely, I've never seen anyone make it work.

She also writes about that stereotype that it's the MAN in a heterosexual couple who always wants more sex. Not always true.