Saturday, June 25, 2005

What I Love About Los Angeles

I love a lot about LA. Ah, hell, I love just everything about LA. It's so American! It's so OUT THERE. It's so tolerant of insane dreams -- a LOTTO TOWN -- bet all your little Yankee Dollars on some crazy dream and sometimes -- way too often -- you WIN! Heady stuff. Makes you crazy.

Has the most pretty and handsome unemployed population in the world. (Or should I use Rageboy's excellent terminology: "Self-unemployed" he invented to describe most of us bloggers and confuse the IRS.) Going to Starbucks there is like visiting a frigging movie set. And sexy folks in all colors -- mocha and cocoa and malted and vanilla chai skin of gorgeous men and women -- some born with tans, some spraying them on.

Okay, I lived in LA from July 4th 1990 to July 4th 2000 and my son was born in good old 90210 Cedars Sinai Hospital around July 4th 1995. Simple math. What's with all the focus on Independence Day -- beats me, but it seems to be a key LA event for me. The big one.