Friday, June 24, 2005

What A Day!

Just so worn out after trying a no-meds-day after 5 days of ibuprofen popping to keep the pain and agony at bay -- thanks to my rollerblading spill. Are you sick of hearing about it? I am! Too bad, feel like writing about it.

Actually, last night I slept with no medication and then this morning, after a week of seriously painful lower back, pelvic, butt, thigh and general all around pain, I thought, well, it can't get worse.

Careful what you say. I got cramps and my period to make it even worse.

The strangest thing about hurting your tailbone is what normal "no-big-deal" activities end up hurting like hell -- much to one's surprise -- and which activities you think might be painful are not. You are really thrown off.

For instance, climbing stairs is excruciating -- even one small stair step, I don't know why. Some sitting positions are hellish, some are not. Driving is easier than walking.

Still I hate being on medication of any kind so I toughed it out for most of the day, just taking a little bit of Advil late in the afternoon.