Monday, June 13, 2005

Admit It: Things You Love About Your Job

Admit it, when really dicey things happen at work, it certainly spices things up a bit. Here's the top ten list of things that make life at work more interesting:

Things You Love About Your Job

1. Finding out someone at work is having an affair with someone else;

2. Finding our someone at work is going to get fired before they know;

3. Going out for coffee and gossiping about people you don't like at work;

4. Seeing someone being arrested at work;

5. Finding nakedy pictures in the Xerox room recycle bin -- some people just don't know how to operate a shredder;

6. Finding out someone you really don't like, who fired a lot of your friends and nearly fired you, is getting canned;

7. Getting a promotion over your rival and watching them go green with envy;

8. Treating them magnanimously after you got the promotion, even though everyone knows you're privately gloating;

9. Finding money in the hall at work -- don't knock it, it can make for an agreeable Monday;

10. Sitting outside your boss's office, a resignation letter in your hot little hands, announcing you want to quit with 2 weeks notice, but FIRST FINDING OUT from his flirty secretary that they're closing the company and you will all have a year's severance pay. It's amazing how fast you can learn to operate a shredder.