Wednesday, April 06, 2005

About The Reuters Panel: Jarvis

Whoops! I didn't put Jeff Jarvis in the line-up quite right. He was next after Graff and before Holmes.

Whatever ...

I think I must call Jarvis the SUV HYBRID of blogging. He's sporty and always a good sport, as for utility, he's just about as useful as can be, as for a vehicle, he's hard driving, it's true -- but most of all, he is a hybrid of an esteemed journalist and a brilliant blogger.

The more we discussed these two camps -- Journalism and Blogging -- the more I began to think, "wow, we should all be like Jeff Jarvis." Of course, there's no actual way to DO THAT necessarily, but his mix of editorial background is probably about taking some risks and is what all good bloggers worth their salt should try to do over their working life.

Meanwhile, he was being mean to me, hinting that he had an embargoed bit of news about Nick Denton's new blog and would not, no way, no how, give me the dirt. I better go over to buzzmachine to check it out.

Yes, there it is, it's call SPLOID.