Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bush League: Baseball Steroid Scandal

I can't help thinking this phony-baloney steriod scandal is another brilliant Karl Rovian brain blister to keep everyone's eye on the WRONG ball -- baseball -- while other very unpleasant and unhappy things are going down in the Bush White House -- even worse than the mess in Iraq. So I can't wait to see what they are covering up. Notice John McCain backing away from the whole mess.

Also, this administration has been so good at correcting everyone else's morals ... you have to wonder about their fascination with everyone ELSE'S ethical behavior ... reminds me of that ethical big boy, Stonecipher, brought in cast judgement on his fellowed flawed humans at Boeing. We know how that story ended -- can you say, "crash and burn" three times fast.

And the slimiest part of this baseball witch hunt is the "Did You Beat Your Wife?" publicity aspect -- by simply naming names and mixing them all up with players who did use steriods and players who did NOT use steroids -- it tars all of them with the same brush. You can't protest the claim "Did You Beat Your Wife?" with a simple "no" -- once pronounced, the question leads anyone and everyone to assume you did.