Thursday, December 16, 2004

Cozy Winter Food

Mmmmm ... I was looking over recipes my mom gave me. She's gone now but her great cooking lives on.

I found some spare ribs in the freezer this morning that I took out to thaw so I can cook up barbecue ribs later for my son. He's been with his dad lately and comes back home here to my house tonight. We sure love to EAT! And with the cold weather, all the better reason to break out the stews, the roasts, all the hearty, cozy winter foods my mom used to make.

I came across my mom's recipe for Beef Stroganoff ... holy hell, is that the best or what on a cold night?!? One time I made it with her with low fat everything, including low fat sour cream and she said to me, "Why did you bother?" and suggested I spend a few days before and after the stroganoff eating no fat, but when it came to the "real thing" go ahead and make it as fattening as it needs to be. She was wise. And what a cook!