Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Baby Names: From The Hall?

So from this Yahoo listing of baby names, they give the meaning of the name Halley as, "from the Hall" and excuse me, I mean, like, huh?!

I was named after my Great Aunt Halley who was born in 1910 when Halley's Comet streaked across the sky. It was back in 1986 and there are a lot of 18 year olds with my name, welcome girls!

When I was growing up there was just about nobody named Halley, but then -- thank god for Halle Berry -- people started to get the name.

I spent nearly every school year from Kindergarten through sixth grade having teachers call me Helen, Holly, and every other damned thing until they got it right.

And then there is a dreaded pronounciation "Hailey" -- rhymes with Bailey. I am not one of those. I'm a Halley rhymes with Sally. Okay? Got it? And don't go getting fresh and calling me Hale-Bopp.