Sunday, October 10, 2004

Opinions Behind The Registration Wall

I really think many opinion pieces, no matter how important, no matter how important the author, are fighting a battle to be heard, but losing the war thanks to registration walls. I was trying to see if George Gilder's opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal Friday was getting much play in the blogosphere, but it wasn't and I wonder sometimes if it's about the registration issue. If you make your opinion available and open to linking, you make yourself an opinion with legs.

I did a quick search on Feedster for Gilder's WSJ piece and found it mentioned in Opinion Source:
America's New Jingoes
George Gilder

Gilder writes that America's liberal economists and media pundits are engaged in a kind of nationalism that risks the future of American technology and prosperity. He argues that this new generation of jingoists is inculcating John Kerry with delusional views of US victimization by global trade and capital movements. Gilder describes a veritable cabal that includes Paul Krugman, Lou Dobbs, and Pete Peterson, among others, in naming establishment figures who are irresponsibly perpetrating the falsehood that free markets are no longer a win-win arrangement for the US. They recommend tax hikes, the devaluation of the dollar, trade restrictions, and higher minimum wages for labor, all of which Gilder concludes reflect the bankruptcy of demand-side economics.
Of course there's also the highly likely point that a number of bloggers thought his opinion was bunk.