Friday, October 29, 2004

Blogger = Molasses

Aha! So I had to go visit Jeneane Sessum's most excellent site to figure out why Blogger is so damned slow lately. I'm having the same problems -- you could knit a sweater between posts lately -- and if you notice my multiple posts, it's because the thing has so much delay, I end up hitting the post button three times out of frustration, figuring it just didn't go through the first time.

Check out what Jeneane said this past week about Blogger:
For the first time since 2001 I am seriously thinking of leaving Blogger and Blogspot--tools and folks I've supported and come to respect over the years.

I have a good bit of blogequity over here, but my initial fears and complaints about the recent changes to the user interface have come to fruition. Blogger is now officially the slowest tool I use. And I use a lot of software tools. Five times in the last 48 hours I went to create a new post, and got so frustrated waiting for the stinking 'create' box to open I gave up. My ideas were gone. I was readily pissed.