Sunday, September 19, 2004

I Know You're Not Reading This, Zach Braff

Went to see the movie Garden State on the recommendation of a friend, but I have to say I was so surprised he liked it at all. It didn't seem to be his kind of movie, but whatever.

Swell film.

And get this, Zach is a blogger. Unfortunately his blog is suffering from a bad case of "I know you're not reading this-itis" so from now on, no one is allowed to write that in his comments ever again.

I know you're not reading this, Zach, but honey pie, you need to blog a LOT more often. Even if all you write is short dumb stuff like ... "Driving down La Cienega today, I got all squirrelly trying to remember what La Cienega means in English. I did remember however that La Tijera means the scissors, I think."

Notice the ellipsis?